"Great Job of Cutting Through Tall Weeds and Stalks...Truly Great Machines." | Disc-O-Vator and Turbo-Till®

Chase S., Illinois

"We love our Great Plains Disc-O-Vator® 8552. The front disc gang does a great job of cutting through tall weeds or standing corn stalks. It does a great job of not ridging. The rear harrow leaves a level seedbed that is perfect for planting. We have also owned a Turbo-Till 2200 for over 10 years now. The Turbo-Till works great on corn stalks in the fall or in the spring just before planting. We also use the Turbo-Till on our strip mine ground where conventional tillage cannot be used. On the strip mine ground, it does a great job of incorporating residue without kicking up rocks. Over the 10 years of use, we have not had any problems with our Turbo-Till. Both are truly great machines!"