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Trailed 6-metre Cultivator Drill - Grain Only

Designed to set new standards in productivity, efficiency and operating economy, the Centurion incorporates a host of innovative features alongside proven technologies. The result is a disc-based cultivator drill, ideally suited to min-till and plough-based establishment systems, that delivers superb drilling accuracy, consistent seed placement and reliable depth control across a wide range of soil types and conditions. The Centurion is born out of the time proven Great Plains 'Science of Seeding' philosophy that provides uniform emergence and optimum yield.

The Centurion's acclaimed drilling coulter features a pair of robust 4mm discs staggered front/back by 8mm so they open an effective seed slot. Discs are mounted on heavy-duty arms that can apply up to 160kgs of down pressure to ensure penetration in the hardest conditions.

Hopper capacity is 4,100 litres, which can be all seed or split seed and fertiliser. Everything from oilseed rape to beans can be delivered in rates from 0.5kg – 500kg/ha with just three manually-interchangeable rollers.

The cultivation element features 460mm notched cultivation discs mounted on rubber-damped, maintenance free disc arms. A full width front tyre packer is available, as is a leveling board running between the cultivation discs and the main tyre roller.

Selected Options

● Dynamic wing pressure control links hopper weight to wing down-pressure to evenly distribute weight across coulters and wheels

● Hopper weigh cells give ‘as applied’ weight per field, ‘hectares to empty’ and calibration check

● Seed flow sensors

● GSM linked machine monitoring with txt message ability – seed required and machine location

● Track eradicator folds on headland for increased ground clearance

● Internal and external hopper lighting

● 3 x camera option viewed on monitor

The Centurion cultivator drill is now also available in 3-metre (CDA 300) and 4-metre (CDA 400) versions.

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Product Features

Precise Seed Delivery

Precise injection molded seed distribution heads with built-in tramline shut offs and optional seed flow sensors accurately deliver seed to each coulter. Strategically placed dimples disrupt the airflow equally, ensuring even seed distribution to the seed outlets in the tower. Seed sensor modules are specially designed to click into the distribution head. Row widths can be changed without the need for tools or changing components.

Innovative Central Tyre Packer

Large diameter, full width tyre packer placed ahead of the drilling coulters for consistent seeding depth with the shallow cleated tread pattern for consistent consolidation and improved self-cleaning. Field mode ensures all tyres stay in contact with ground for headland turns. Transport mode increases ground clearance. Service mode raises lift height above transport mode for easy access.

Independent Disc Depth Adjustment

The Centurion's cultivator disc depth control system allows for automatic return of working depth and precise working depth control.

Hopper Weigh Cells

Under the hopper three highly accurate weigh cells, two at the rear and one to the front, automatically adjust the hydraulic down pressure on the wings to maintain consistent working depth across the full width of the machine. Dampers stop the reading fluctuating when the drill is at work.

Easy Calibration

Calibrating the Centurion is a quick, safe and easy process - no need to climb over the cultivation elements. With seed calibration mode selected from the cab, the operator walks to the rear of the drill where, on the flick of a switch, a dedicated pipe delivers the metered amount.

Easy Access Metering Unit

Quick, easy access to the metering housing - no tools required. Rollers are easy to change even when the hopper is full. The roller features an electronic motor drive with a wide speed range of 5 - 120rpm, requiring only 3 roller designs for outputs from 0.5 - 500kg/Ha.

Concealed Hydraulics and Electrics

All key hydraulic and electrical components are concealed and protected, yet easily accessed, behind the large hopper cowling in a dedicated compartment.

Accurate Seed Placement

Choice of 167mm or 125mm coulter spacing. Easy individual depth adjustment and coulter pressure enables coulter arm to operate parallel to the ground at all times, ensuring even seeding depth. The specially designed seed tube guides seed to the bottom of the furrow to maximise placement accuracy.

00 Series Opener

Designed for accuracy and well proven across a range of Great Plains seeders, the 00 Series opener is standard on the Centurion drill. It features thirty-six 3cm x 4mm offset double disc blades on the 167mm spacing or forty-eight on the 125mm spacing. The diagonal spring can be easily adjusted to provide between 40kg and 160kg of down pressure to suit conventional till and min-till. The active down pressure system maintains complete ground contact at all times.

Product Specifications




Working Width (m)

Weight (kg)

Cultivation Discs

Coulter Row Spacings (mm)

Hopper Capacity (l)

Power Req(hp)

Centurion 600



460 mm dia(2 rows)

125 or 167




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