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Product Description

New TrueView technology from Great Plains uses innovative soil sensors to access accurate, real-time field data and variances, including soil moisture, soil temperature, organic matter, and soil texture (electrical conductivity). This data identifies unique soil management zones, which helps the grower perform customized, critical operations related to tillage passes, optimum planting conditions, seed rates, precise soil inputs, and more, for maximum efficiency and profits.


1. Soil Moisture: TrueView measures soil moisture using a capacitance sensor, which is the same sensor commonly used for measuring water in the soil profile for irrigation scheduling. Knowing real-time soil moisture content in the field can help aid the operator in making consistent on-the-go tillage adjustments, such as tillage depth, gang angle, or basket down-pressure, all of which can help create the most agronomically sound seedbed.

2. Soil Temperature: Soil temperature is measured at the depth of tillage and, when used during a final seedbed preparation pass, can help identify field suitability for planting. Soil temperature can fluctuate, depending upon the amount of residue on the surface and with the soil texture and moisture content. Measuring and mapping temperature as tillage is performed provides one more data point to help producers make the most informed planting decisions.

3. Soil Electrical Conductivity (EC): Soil texture is measured using an electrical conductivity array. Fine-textured soils conduct better than coarser soils, giving an accurate depiction of the soil’s texture. EC arrays penetrate throughout the rooting zone, giving producers a profile view of the soil properties across the field.

4. Soil Organic Matter (OM): Soil OM is mapped using infrared soil optics. Soil OM is what gives soil its color or darkness. Darker soils contain more organic matter than lighter soils. Organic matter, combined with soil texture, gives accurate insights to soil differences throughout a field. The soil’s water-holding capacity, nutrient-holding capacity, and compaction potential are just a few of the agronomic impacts of inherent soil properties.

Product Features

Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil moisture is measured with capacitance sensing, as well as soil temperature with a thermopile sensor.

Organic Matter Sensor

A dual-wavelength optical sensor is used to measure organic matter below the soil surface, which helps ensure accurate readings.

Electrical conductivity measurement

Electrical conductivity is one of the ways to identify soil types, as each type conducts electricity differently. TrueView uses electrical currents that pass between the sensor and the coulters to measure these variations in soil type and texture.


Each TrueView package comes with a tablet for portable and immediate data displays. The tablet is capable of wi-fi and hot-spot connectivity for uploading data to FieldFusion™ and transferring to other cloud-based, precision ag platforms.

Sample grid vs. TrueView

The soil grid on the left demonstrates the importance of being able to adapt and customize field inputs. Each red square represents a standard sampling grid of one hectare. A map created using TrueView technology allows you to change inputs based on the width of your planter as represented by the black squares! Because many soil types may be present throughout each hectare, a producer working from these traditional sampling grids may unknowingly apply the wrong input on a particular soil type. When working from a prescription map created by TrueView, producers can monitor and change inputs more precisely to match their soil management zones.

Real-time soil data

Producers can look at real-time soil data to make immediate tillage adjustments, such as depth, gang angle, and wing down-pressure, as soil conditions change. When paired with Implement Command™, some additional adjustments, like wing down-pressure, can be made on-the-go from the tractor cab.

Quick Installation

The entire TrueView module quickly bolts into place on the center frame of the Turbo-Max®.

Prescription Maps

Users can submit field data to the Cloud, and with an optional per hectare fee, purchase a professionally-interpreted soil zone map and utilize easy-to-use prescription writing tools.

Metal shields protect sensors

Rounded metal shields protect sensors and allow trash to flow around the sensor modules.

Management Practices

Map and manage field variability with TrueView soil electrical conductivity and organic matter sensing technology. Below are just a few examples of the site-specific management practices that can be adopted with TrueView soil sensing.

Linear Actuator to raise and lower

A linear actuating electric motor raises and lowers the unit for optimal depth adjustment or to raise it out of the way when not in use.

Fluted Coulters

Fluted coulter blades feature a proven coulter design that cuts residue in front of the sensor modules.

Down Pressure

Down pressure is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the spring tension on two heavy-duty springs.

Control Box

The control box gathers and analyzes all sensor data and relays it to the tractor cab for display.

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