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Peanut Planter

Great Plains YP625A3PP

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6-Row Peanut Planter

To meet peanut producers’ needs for an accurate and versatile planter, Great Plains has developed a planter optimized for peanut planting. The new Yield-Pro® YP625A3PP Planter offers peanut producers specialized peanut discs designed to accurately meter all sizes of peanut varieties, while also having multiple seed discs that are easily changed to plant other crops, such as corn or soybeans. 

The Peanut Planter features a new 5000 Series Air-Pro® Meter that has been redesigned for planting between six and nine seeds per foot in twin rows. The new peanut plates are capable of achieving 95 percent singulation accuracy, making this meter one of the most accurate peanut meters in the field. The poly seed boxes, with a 1.6-bushel capacity per row unit or 3.2-bushel capacity per twin row pair, provide a consistent gravity feed. Specially designed PTFE synthetic brushes in each meter help limit buildup from seed treatments. The meter also accommodates a larger seed tube for planting large-variety peanuts. Because it slightly reduces the spacing accuracy in other crops, a standard seed tube can be substituted when planting corn, soybeans, or smaller peanut varieties. 

Besides the upgraded meter, another new feature includes improved closing wheels designed specifically for twin-row spacings. The planter’s toolbar has been simplified to improve access to the row units so adjustments and maintenance can be performed quicker and easier. Producers also have the flexibility to apply either a dry or liquid insecticide to handle a variety of pests. The Peanut Planter is available in a six-row rigid 3-point model in a twin-row configuration and a choice of 36-, 38-, or 40-inch row spacings, which are ideal for planting peanuts. With a simple change of the meter wheel, this planter has the ability to plant other crops, such as corn and soybeans, to near 100% accuracy.

Product Features

Hemp Seed Disc
Hemp Seed Disc

New, 5-cell and 30-cell hemp seed disc that meters seed accurately.

Air-Pro Meter®
Air-Pro Meter®

The new 5000 Series Air-Pro Meter offers industry-leading singulation with its simple, positive air pressure meter. A larger meter seed pool keeps the meter full at higher speeds and provides excellent singulation for a wide variety of crops.

92% Larger Meter Inlet
92% Larger Meter Inlet

The broader seed inlet allows larger seeds and higher populations to flow into the meter.

Product Specifications


6-Row, 3-Point








WEIGHT - EMPTY(lbs.) 5,200 - 5,800
(2,359 - 2,631kg)



18' (TR36")

19' (TR38")
20' (TR40")

WIDTH (transport)


HEIGHT (transport)

Depends on tractor hitch



19.2 bu.
(677 L)


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Download the warranty here: GP_Warranty.pdf

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