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Great Plains PL5500

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Front-Fold Planter

With the same quality and innovation as other Great Plains planters, the PL5500 gives producers a simple, 8-row wing-fold planter with narrow-transport capabilities. A transport width of 9' 9" provides easy and safe maneuverability of the planter from field to field and only requires 115-drawbar horsepower (minimum) to pull, making it compatible with a wide range of tractors.

Featuring the new 5000 Series Row Unit with the all-new Air-Pro® Meter and its simple, positive air pressure design, the PL5500 achieves greater singulation, seed placement, and closing of the furrow in all conditions. The Individual Row Control (IRC Electric Drive) option allows variable rate, row-by-row section control, and turn compensation, ensuring proper planting rates while reducing expensive input costs. The new 5000 Series Row Unit has a 66% larger seed pool and simplified housing, and a choice of 1.6- or 3-bushel hoppers with lid assist. With both dry and liquid fertilizer options, producers can integrate the planter into their current fertilizer program, placing fertilizer in-furrow (liquid) or 2" from the row (liquid and dry) with fertilizer coulters or dribblers. Row-Pro™ systems are offered to automatically maintain the proper selection of down pressure on each row unit.

Product Features

5000 Series Row Unit
New 5000 Series Row Unit

New, shorter closing wheel mounts, available on select row spacings, achieve appropriate seed-to-soil contact and closing accuracy around curves and contours. Alongside the newly-designed meter, the new row unit provides excellent singulation and seed placement for a variety of crops.

Narrow Transport
Narrow 2.97m Transport

The narrow transport width offers producers increased maneuverability and easier road transport when moving from field to field.

Lower Horsepower Requirements
Lower Horsepower Requirements

The PL5500 requires a lower horsepower (115-drawbar minimum) tractor with three selective control valves and 16 gallons (61L) per minute of flow, making it compatible with many tractors.

Liquid or Dry Fertilizer Options
Liquid or Dry Fertilizer Options

Liquid or dry fertilizer systems place fertilizer in-furrow (liquid) or 2" (5cm) from the row (liquid and dry) with a fertilizer coulter or dribblers.

IRC or Ground Drive

Choose either Individual Row Control (IRC) for consistent in-row seed spacing, even on tight turns, or ground drive with a contact drive wheel.

Hitch Choices

Four choices of hitches are offered, including Cat. 2/3 crossbar drawbar, cast single strap, or regular single strap.

Hemp Seed Disc
Hemp Seed Disc

New, 5-cell and 30-cell hemp seed disc that meters seed accurately.

Choose A Press Wheel

Choose (l to r) Wedge wheels that pinch the seed trench together but provide a wide footprint, 1"x12" double-v for all-around performance, or spider wheels with drag chains for aggressive closing action of the seed trench.

Air-Pro® Meter
Air-Pro® Meter with Optional Individual Row Control (IRC Electric Drive)

The new 5000 Series Air-Pro Meter offers industry-leading singulation with its simple, positive air pressure meter. Optional electric-drive Individual Row Control reduces maintenance by eliminating all chains and shafts, while the individual meter control saves seed through on-demand variable rate and row-by-row section control. IRC ensures equal seed spacing to maximize field potential, even when navigating curves and field contours. A larger meter seed pool keeps the meter full at higher speeds and provides excellent singulation for a wide variety of crops.

180-Degree Wing Fold

Wings fold 180 degrees to provide a narrow transport width of under 10'. This fold design is simple, yet strong, and removes a lot of the expense and complexity of lift-and-twist designs.

Product Specifications






Narrow Transport Front-Fold


30" / 8 rows
70cm / 8 rows
75cm / 8 rows



WEIGHT (approx. range)

6,400 lbs.
(2,903 kg)



18' 6" (5.64m)

WIDTH (transport)

9' 9" (2.97m)

HEIGHT (transport)

11' 6" (3.51m)



24 bu. (3 bu. Hopper), 12.8 bu. (1.6 bu. Hopper)
(846 L (106L. Hopper), 451 L (56 L Hopper))


Warranty PDF

Download the warranty here: Planters.pdf

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