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Turbo-Max Narrow Transport


Model Numbers

1000TM, 6.0TM, 8.0TM

Product Description

Narrow Transport Turbo-Max




What is Turbo Max?
•    Shear zone reducing vertical tillage tool that prefers 10-15 km/hr operating speed.
•    Used as a primary tillage tool in the autumn after the combine to allow the field to weather over winter.
•    Used to reduce corn borer infestation in autumn passes by chopping maize residue and mixing it into the tilled soil surface.
•    Used as a spring time last pass finishing tool prior to seeding spring crop to help warm up damp cool soils for quick emergence.
•     Used to create a smooth, finished, surface and sub surface for smooth planting without putting back yield reducing layers or shear zones.
•    Used to chit wheat and oilseed rape volunteers or weeds such as black grass.
•    In No-Till conditions, straw and residue bind nitrogen delaying it from becoming accessible to the crop. This “carbon penalty” is a big reason for yield reductions in direct seeding environments. The Turbo-Max sizes residue and laces it to the ground to hasten decay while mechanically maintaining a uniform soil profile.
•    Proven around the world in multiple crops and climate conditions.
•    Now available with 3M transport!

Product Features


Turbo-Max allows you to change the gang angle on the go to match it to field conditions. Adjustments can be from 0° to 6°. In the spring, a ‘true vertical’ 0° angle will produce the smoothest sub-surface ahead of planting. Set the angle at 6° when you want to bury more residue in the autumn.


Transfer valve adjusts weight from center to wings, providing even, constant down pressure to the full width.


Two gangs - each with 19 cm spacing between coulters - with the rear gang offset from the front gang. The gangs work together to size residue to an industry-leading 9.5 cm.

True Vertical Tillage
True Vertical Tillage Machine

Provides truly vertical cutting without the shearing caused by a concave blade. With 508mm Turbo Coulters spaced 191mm apart, front and rear gangs are offset for an effective residue cutting width of 95mm.


The wings of the frame can flex down as much as 10° and up as high as you need it to go. Coupled with the constant hydraulic down pressure applied to the wings, this feature allows the Turbo-Max to precisely follow undulating ground conditions from side to side. Weight per blade of down pressure is between 114 and 132 kg.


The new Turbo-Max folds down to 3 meters wide and 4 meters high for transport.

Rolling Spike and Reel Rear Attachment

Rolling spike harrow tines split Turbo Coulters to ensure thorough mixing of soil and residue and provide a smooth, uniform seedbed for optimum planter performance. The rear reel leaves the surface planter-ready by firming soil, removing air pockets, and eliminating clods.

Great Plains Exclusive Maintenance-Free Bearings
Exclusive Maintenance-Free Bearings

Great Plains uses the exclusive PEER® TILLXTREME® Maintenance-Free Pillow-Block Bearings in its gangs, as well as smaller TILLXTREME Maintenance-Free Bearings in its rolling attachments.

Product Specifications




6.0 TM 8.0TM
COULTER SPACING 9.5 cm (2 offset gangs at 19cm spacing per gang)
TIRES 340/60R 16.5 550/45-22.5 20-ply 550/45-22.5 20-ply
WEIGHT (approx. max weight w/ attachments) 3,742 kg 7,900 kg 9,800 kg
PTO H.P. REQ (min) 100+ 200+ 260+
TILLAGE WIDTH 3.05m 6.0m 8.0m
TRANSPORT WIDTH 3.0m 3.0m 3.0m
TRANSPORT HEIGHT 1.65m 3.1m 4.0m


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