You call the shots

With AccuShot, you can easily select a precise dose of fertilizer per seed. You can also specify the fertilizer’s exact distance from the individual seed—the sweet spot.
All this control gives you options you never had before:

  • Full Load- Apply your full load of starter fertilizer at planting time, rather than cheating on the rate or adding later.
  • High Salt- Use high-salt fertilizer blends without risk of burning the seed.
  • Soil Test- Adjust your nutrient rate at the last minute based on current soil testing.
  • No Waste- Pick up and turn your planter any time without fertilizer waste. If a seed does not drop, AccuShot does not disperse any liquid starter fertilizer.
  • Variable Rate- Match your variable rate seeding program with our variable rate fertilizer application. AccuShot maintains a constant volume of fertilizer per seed.
  • Consistency- The Great Plains Air-Pro® meter ensures predictable, reliable seed drop and consistent spacing. 

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