• Implement Command

NEW Implement Command™

Implement Command

The new Implement Command system now gives Turbo-Max® and Terra-Max® owners access to more data and technology. The Implement Command System gives producers the data needed to make decisions about their fields, while making real-time adjustments to improve yields and soil health. Available on 18'-48' Turbo-Max models and 20'-40' Terra-Max models, the Implement Command system allows you to take command of all your adjustment and monitoring needs right at your fingertips. Set, adjust, and monitor your Turbo-Max right on your ISO-compatible monitor in your tractor cab.



New features include:

The new ISO-compatible Implement Command System works on the tractor’s virtual terminal so there is no need for extra monitors in the cab. For tractors equipped with multiple displays, dual VT compatibility lets you easily transfer implement controls to the next available VT on the bus.

Control Depth

Easily monitor and control the Turbo-Max’s depth with a simple push of a button. Three programmable presets allow you to make tillage-depth stop adjustments quickly – even on the go.


Control Weight Transfer

Use the on-screen controls to easily dial in the appropriate amount of down pressure applied to the wings.

Monitor Gang Angle

Monitor the Turbo-Max’s gang angle settings – from 0 to 6 degrees – with a quick glance at the screen.

Monitor Hydraulic Reel

From maximum to float or raised completely, the finishing reel’s down pressure setting is displayed clearly on the screen.

Monitor Fore/Aft Leveling

Quickly view the Turbo-Max’s fore-and-aft leveling settings on the screen.

Lock/Unlock Button

Switches operation between the hydraulic finishing reel and the fore/aft leveling. This minimizes tractor SCV requirements and prevents accidental leveling changes.