Great Plains News by Region

U.S. Domestic News

The following are news articles of interest to our U.S. Domestic customers, listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent. Enjoy!

Great Plains is expanding the family of Implement Command-compatible products to help more producers maximize efficiency and improve soil health. Previously offered on Turbo-Max® and Terra-Max® models, producers can now use this innovative technology on select models of Great Plains Disk Harrows and Velocity®.

Great Plains now offers Surefire Ag’s industry-leading liquid fertilizer application systems as a manufacturer-approved aftermarket solution for the BD7600 box drill. SureFire Ag’s liquid fertilizer systems allow producers to have more control and options over the delivery of their liquid fertilizer. The SureFire system is available on select models of the BD7600, including the 300-gallon (26ˈ models and 30ˈ models) and 400-gallon (40ˈ models) tank options.

Great Plains is expanding its product compatibility for the Turbo-Seeder, an optional seeder attachment that allows producers to till and seed simultaneously for maximum efficiency and productivity. The Turbo-Seeder is now available on 20ˈ to 40ˈ Terra-Max models, which are hybrid tillage tools that provide exceptional finishing capabilities and versatility for various field conditions.

Great Plains has partnered with Ag Leader, an industry-leading precision agriculture company, to offer producers new aftermarket planter solutions. SureForce is an active planter row unit force system that uses Gauge Wheel Load Sensors on each row to sense and respond according to changing planting conditions.

In an effort to provide producers more tillage solutions, Great Plains has recently introduced a new 22ˈ model to the existing Ultra-Disk product line. Previously offered in 26ˈ, 30ˈ, and 33ˈ models, the Ultra-Disk is designed to slice through high-residue field conditions at higher operating speeds than conventional disks.

Great Plains Mfg. continues to offer innovative solutions to help producers, including additional features to the newly-released BD7600 box drill. The BD7600 was released in early 2020 at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. New in 2021, Great Plains is now offering the BD7600 with a hydraulic drive option for the split-box configurations, giving producers full on-the-go variable-rate capabilities.

Great Plains is continuing to expand its hybrid tillage lineup, offering a new solution for producers called the Qualidisc. The Qualidisc is a versatile, high-speed disk that can be used for both fall and spring applications. James Shurts, Great Plains Product Manager, said, “The Qualidisc is a flexible hybrid tillage tool that provides sizing and weed control in the fall, then can be used to incorporate residue and level the seedbed in the spring – especially after wintering stalks.”

Great Plains continues to expand its highly-successful PL-Series family of planters. Launched in 2018, the PL-Series planters were developed to provide accurate and consistent seed singulation, spacing, depth control, soil contact, and trench closing – all leading to even emergence and increased crop yields for producers. Models in the PL-Series include the PL5500, PL5700, PL5800, and most recently, the PL5200.

Great Plains has recently developed a new solution in its hybrid tillage line-up – the Terra-Max. Great Plains defines hybrid tillage as a tillage system that uses a blend of vertical and conventional tillage methods or tools that allow for an aggressive field pass at faster operating speeds. Named “Terra”, meaning “Earth,” the Terra-Max is a versatile soil management solution that can be used as primary and secondary tillage to address a wide variety of needs from killing weeds and sizing residue to preparing a perfect seedbed.

The Great Plains box drill legacy continues with a new line of min-till folding box drills, the BD7600 Series. The new drills are offered in two-section and three-section models in sizes ranging from 26' to 40'. Chris Coleman, Great Plains Engineering Manager, says, “The BD7600 is an exciting development for the product line that launched the Great Plains story with its original 30-foot folding full press drill over 40 years ago.

Great Plains has developed a hybrid tillage solution called the Velocity. The Velocity combines some of the positive aspects of vertical tillage, while maintaining similar features of a conventional disk, resulting in a new classification in the Great Plains product line called hybrid tillage.

For tillage producers who are looking for new ways to maximize efficiency and make data-driven decisions about their fields, Great Plains has released a new technology called Implement Command™. Available on new 18' to 35' Turbo-Maxes, Implement Command allows producers to make active decisions and on-the-go, real-time field adjustments to improve yields and soil health. For user comfort and convenience, this system allows producers to set, adjust, and monitor the performance of their Turbo-Max right from the tractor cab.