Customer Stories

The following stories and photos were submitted by customers about their Great Plains products. We'd like to hear your stories as well! If you have a story about a Great Plains product, please share it with us by filling out our Customer Feedback form.


Ron K., Eastern Pennsylvania

"WORKS GREAT! Used a Salford prior, but was not happy with the job it did. We rented a Turbo-Max for a trial comparison, and the Turbo-Max performed much better. It leveled the ground much better, it cut up the stalks much better, and we like to be able to angle the blades 6 degrees to close water ditches. We're very happy on our decision to buy the Turbo-Max!"

Jon P., Southwest Iowa

"I purchased my drill for seeding cover crops and soybeans three seasons ago. I have seeded over 1,000 acres with no problems and excellent results. No-tilling cereal rye into 200-bushel corn stubble, directly behind the combine, has worked great. Has never plugged."

"Great, reliable drill."

Brent H., Central Texas

"Great, reliable drill. Has worked great for our farm! Third GP drill we've owned."

"I loved using this drill."

Terry O., North Texas

"I loved using this drill. It was very accurate, and I didn't have any extra or too much seed left after the work was done. I let a neighbor use it, and he was more than pleased with the stand of alfalfa he had."

Jimmie M., Eastern Virginia

"WARNING! We're gonna brag just a little bit here on twin-row corn!

We just finished picking the best corn crop we’ve ever raised.

Tony R., Northeast Georgia

"Purchased a 1006NT. Love it so far. Does a great job."

Charles Clark, North Yorkshire

“We are achieving at least 98 per cent control of black-grass and the drill is creating a near-perfect environment for the crops resulting in 80 to 100 per cent germination. Our drill has 167mm row spacing and we drilled Claire as a first wheat with a target population of 200 to 225 plants per square metre and it is looking superb so we are hoping for well over 4 tons per acre.”


Warren Darling and his Centurion

Warren Darling, Timaru, New Zealand

In January this year Warren and Joy Darling from Timaru in New Zealand harvested 13.8 tonnes per hectare of barley off an irrigated 11.6ha block at their 450-hectare Poplar Grove Farm to smash the Guinness World Record for the highest barley yield – a record that had stood at 12.2 tonnes for some 25 years. The new world record was confirmed by Guinness World Records on April 15th.

Allen P., Central Texas

"This drill is a joy to plant with, and it is a wonderful piece of equipment. Thank you for this drill!"

Great Plains Ultra-Till®: "Unmatched productivity!"

Geoff P., Southern Iowa

"What a wonderful finishing tool! I don't think there is any other way to end up with a planting surface or seedbed this perfect. There is no better tool for putting in seeding, especially on HEL ground. We love this Ultra-Till. Speeds up to 12 mph, unmatched productivity.

"This photo (left) is prevented plant ground mowed down. Note the piles of weeds. It cut them off and spread them out evenly. There was wheat spread over the top before it was worked. Everything turned out great."

Charlie K., Western Illinois

"Our unit was purchased new in 1994. We put 10,000 acres on it through the fall of 2014. In this time, we lost field time by the failure of three bearings. We lost a total of just three hours downtime in 20 years. Our experience was such that we purchased another new unit, just like the original."