Customer Stories

The following stories and photos were submitted by customers about their Great Plains products. We'd like to hear your stories as well! If you have a story about a Great Plains product, please share it with us by filling out our Customer Feedback form.


"Performance & reliability have surpassed our needs..."

Greg W., Southern Illinois

"Since the '50s, my father had always used a 10-foot John Deere Van Brunt grain drill when planting his 160-acre farm. When he retired and my brother and I took over winter wheat planting operations, we needed to upgrade our equipment. Great Plains had the right drill for the right price. We chose the 15-foot 1500 Grain Drill. Its performance and reliability have surpassed our needs, and we are looking at upgrading our seedbed equipment with Great Plains."

Kevin H., Northern California

"What a beautiful piece of equipment. The drill worked so well, and we are very pleased with it. Some of the best money ever spent."

Sage E., Northeast Oregon

"I bought my no-till drill to plant winter wheat into vetch refuse. I envisioned using it on about 100 acres a year, but I've been running that drill over our 1000 acres! Plus, the neighbors are having me seed some of their I'm in the market for a bigger drill."

Steve R., Northwest Minnesota

“The neighbor was using a new digger with a 4-bar drag, and it was bunching a lot, so we came over with the Disc-O-Vator to compare. We sized the stalks, and they flowed through with no bunching and left a very good seedbed in one pass. The field was non-chopped corn and had one pass with a LEMKEN tillage tool after harvest. We were very pleased with the Disc-O-Vator.”

Hunter F., Western Wisconsin

"The Great Plains Grain Drills are the best drills that we have ever used on our farm."

"...consistent results." | Great Plains 2N-2410 Drill

Tyson D., Southern Ontario

"I’m a cash crop farmer with my dad and brother in southern Ontario, Canada. This is our second season with our Great Plains drill. We love the heavy frame and parallel linkage on this drill, and find it easy to calibrate with consistent results."

New Great Plains Products in North Carolina

Allen J. , North Carolina

Allen J. shows off his new 1200 Drill and 1200 Model Turbo-Max®.

Chance D., Central Washington

"We have been seeding alfalfa and timothy with our 2000 Drill for years now. The accuracy, precision, and reliability we get out of our drills is second to none. We primarily use the small seeds bin for most of our seeding, due to the low rates needed for timothy. We have tried other brands that don't even come close to achieving the same results our 2000's have."

Dan V., Eastern Wisconsin

"It is a good drill that has been reliable in this year that we have had it. I don't know if I'll ever go to another drill again."

Lanny D., Northwest Illinois

"Just got this drill this spring. It worked good for seeding filter strips. Planning on drilling soybeans this spring. Should work good with Keeton seed firmers on each row."

James T. , Alabama

"Thank you very much for your help over the telephone. It is rare these days to get such good help from a manufacturer’s technical service department. I appreciate it."

"Did a great job." | Turbo-Till®

John K., Central Nebraska

"I just completed Turbo-Till for 2016. This dryland field averaged 150 bushels per acre in 2015 and 37 tons of manure was applied. The Turbo-Till did a great job on the residue and manure. You can see the field in the picture. The field across the fence is a neighbor's corn stubble. Getting rain today, so it will be wonderful planting conditions."

Brett P., Southern Pennsylvania

"When my father and I went looking for a no-till drill, there was no doubt what color green it was gonna be. We love the fact that you can calibrate it before you take it to the field and eliminate guessing how much seed per acre you are putting on. And the wear factor on the machine is much better than the rest!"

Ernest M., Northwest Georgia

"We purchased an 8-foot grain drill. We loved it so much, we traded it for a 10-foot grain drill.We love it even more!"

Randy S., Northeast Indiana

"Turbo-Chisel worked great in hard ground. It sized dirt clods well for one pass in the spring."

"Nice drill. Well-built."

Brad S., Northeast Ohio

"Nice drill. Well-built."

Ed B., Southwest Indiana

"We recently bought a Turbo-Max and can not wait to get it in the field and show it off!"

David W., Western Missouri

"I bought a new Turbo-Till a few years back, which I liked very much. It was traded in on the Turbo-Max, which I love."

Jacen J., Southern Oregon

"Both products I bought are great. Had a few problems with bearings on the disk harrow, but I recieved great product support, warranty, and I was up and going in a timely manner. I will definitely buy Great Plains again."

Reggie R., Western Ohio

"Pulls very well while leaving a very level job behind the chisel. The machine is holding up very well."

Claude G., Eastern Canada

"Very good machine."

" problems." | 1006NT Drill

Peter H., Northeast New York

"The Clinton County Soil & Water Conservation District purchased this drill three years ago, and it has seeded down over 1800 acres with no problems. Our county farms are very happy to have access to such a nice piece of equipment."

"Built strong." | Great Plains 1205NT Drill

Jessie G., Northwest Florida

"Bought this drill new and still going strong at 6,000 acres. I would recommend Great Plains drills to anyone. Great product and built strong."

"...built well & seed depth is perfect." | 1006NT Drill

Michael S., Northwest Washington

"Just purchased this 1006NT drill a couple months ago. I am drilling orchard grass into a four year-old existing stand of alfalfa. This drill is built well and seed depth is perfect. I am using GPS as my guidance and rows are perfectly straight. Using this no-till drill saves me a lot of time and fuel reseeding fields."

Ron K., Eastern Pennsylvania

"WORKS GREAT! Used a Salford prior, but was not happy with the job it did. We rented a Turbo-Max for a trial comparison, and the Turbo-Max performed much better. It leveled the ground much better, it cut up the stalks much better, and we like to be able to angle the blades 6 degrees to close water ditches. We're very happy on our decision to buy the Turbo-Max!"