Customer Stories

The following stories and photos were submitted by customers about their Great Plains products. We'd like to hear your stories as well! If you have a story about a Great Plains product, please share it with us by filling out our Customer Feedback form.


Rodney Wilson & Brad Beutke, Clinton, IL

Testimonial Video

John G., Central Alabama

"Great piece of equipment. It was ready to work straight out of the box. Required little to no adjustments. We planted 150 acres the first week it arrived."

Timothy F., Eastern Texas

"I used it for the first time for fall planting of oats. I had some problems initially, but with the help of my dealer and your representative for our area, the problems were resolved. For my first time, I thought I had an above average stand of oats."

"Great Plains all the way!" | Great Plains 1500 Drill

Gerald R. , North Carolina

"I absolutely love this drill. I have had other brands in the past, and this one is so much better than all of the others. Never buying another brand drill. Great Plains all the way!"

A Satisfied Drill Customer | Great Plains 3S-4000HD & 3S-4000HDF Drills

Barry M., North Central Kansas

Barry M. with his 3S-4000HD Drill in North Central Kansas.

"...leaves a perfect seedbed." | Great Plains Turbo-Max®

Trey W., North Carolina

"I absolutely love my new Turbo-Max. It is truly a one pass tillage tool that leaves a perfect seedbeed to plant in. With the new Turbo-Seeder to simplify my fall cover crop routine, we will be even more efficient in the years to come."

"Good Disk." | Great Plains Disk Harrow

Raylen P. , Eastern Kansas

"Good disk for working up corn stalks."

" the job it does." | Great Plains Turbo-Chisel®

James B., Southeast Minnesota

"I love the job that my Great Plains Turbo-Chisel does."

"...nice, even residue flow." | Great Plains Turbo-Max®

Patrick E., Southern Indiana

"Machine has nice, even residue flow."

"...I love it." | Great Plains Turbo-Till®

Brandon B., North Carolina

"I have been using the Turbo-Till for the past five years and I love it."

" our Turbo-Till." | Great Plains Turbo-Till®

Troy S., Western Illinois

"My son and I love our Great Plains Turbo-Till."

“If all is well with the roots, everything goes well,” says Pieter van de Merwe from Kriel in the Eastern Highveld region of South Africa. The main principle he pursues in planning his tillage practices and the acquisition of equipment to do the job is to create the best possible environment for the roots of his corn.

"Love the Turbo-Max." | Great Plains Turbo-Max®

Craig N., Eastern Iowa

“Love the Turbo-Max. I was able to work my stalks, plow down and lime in, then go right back in and apply my NH3. No plugging and everything runs smoothly!”

"...always dependable." | Great Plains Turbo-Max®

David B., Central Virginia

“I am a dairy farmer in Virginia with my wife and family. We milk 110 dairy cows twice a day and I raise all the crops for the farm. We have three Great Plains implements that I use daily when it comes to the crop work. I love the quality of Great Plains. It is easy to work with and always dependable.” 

"Planting seeds for the future!" | Great Plains Ag 1006NT Drill

Tyson L., Central Virginia

"We are fifth generation farmers from Virginia, and we love our daddy's Great Plains No-Till Drill. It is well built, reliable, and accurate season after season. As our daddy says, 'We are planting seeds for the future!'"

 "Total confidence." | Great Plains 1206NT DRILL

Jason C., Central Wisconsin

"We have total confidence in the 1206NT Drill. We will no-till anything from alfalfa to soybeans to pasture grasses in any conditions. This year, we no-tilled a 15-way cover crop mix into sudangrass stubble in early August. The mix will be grazed into the winter by our beef cattle." 

Great Plains Turbo-Chisel® (TC5109) Photo from Robert S.

Robert S. , Northwest Illinois

Turbo-Chisel® (TC5109) Photo from Robert S.

"Great product!" | Great Plains Turbo-Max®

Tommy W., North Texas

"This has been one of the best things I've ever purchased! Great product!"

Brady P.  "...loves the ground he can cover..." | Great Plains 3S-3000HD Drill

Brady P., Southern Illinois

"My 16-year-old son loves the ground he can cover in a day with this Great Plains 3S-3000HD Drill."

YP-1625 Planter Photo from Ryan H.

Ryan H., Eastern Iowa

YP-1625 Planter Photo from Ryan H.

Jeremy T. | 2N-3010 Drill | " of the best decisions."

Jeremy T., Southwest Missouri

"We decided to purchase a new drill for 2016. We were not pleased with our 1590 John Deere no-tilling wheat into cornstalks. I knew we had to do something different, so we decided on the 2N-3010 Drill. I must say, the purchase of this drill was one of the best decisions I have made. The coulters cut through the residue and lightly till ahead of the openers."

Tim S., Northwest Ohio

"I have a Turbo-Max, a Turbo-Chisel, and a Great Plains Drill. I am getting ready to buy a Disc-O-Vator. I'm happy with every toy I have!"

Dan G. | Great Plains Ag 1006NT Drill

Dan G., Western Alabama

"This is the best way to plant for hunting. This drill has revolutionized being a gamekeeper. This drill is the most efficient way to plant. I love it!"

Bill S., Southwest Nebraska

This 15' Great Plains Native Grass Drill is being used on a grassland project in Nebraska. It is believed to be the largest conversion of irrigated crop land to native prairie in Nebraska history.

James O., South-Central Kansas

"We are farming about 50 acres with the drill. It can do 20 acres in a day, easy. It's never missed a lick. Very happy."