Customer Stories

The following stories and photos were submitted by customers about their Great Plains products. We'd like to hear your stories as well! If you have a story about a Great Plains product, please share it with us by filling out our Customer Feedback form.


Rodney Wilson & Brad Beutke, Clinton, IL

Testimonial Video

Troy McDonald, Bailey, TX

Troy McDonald talks about his TM1000 Turbo-Max.

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Ryan McCoin, Paris, TX

Ryan McCoin shares his experience with his Great Plains Hipper Bedder.

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Wyatt K., Kentucky

"My experience with Great Plains has been amazing. Thanks to their great customer support and parts service! I don’t believe I could get my crop in the ground without my Great Plains no-till drill!"

Carter B., New York

"This is the best sowing machine I have ever had. I can easily pull it with my New Holland T5. I love the capacity. I would definitely suggest this product."

Craig P., Idaho

"We chose delivery on our brand new Great Plains drill. It arrived on July 23, 2018, and the rest is history. Once it arrived, I absolutely could not wait to get this drill out into the fields for fall seeding. We seeded some alfalfa just to see what it really could do compared to our old John Deere box drill. It's pretty safe to say that this was a wise investment for our operation. We now have a consistent seed depth each and every single pass, as well as being able to stay in the field longer because of the larger seed box capacity."

Brad A., Virginia

"I grew up using Great Plains drills and we are still using Great Plains today. You can't beat a fool-proof, simple design. These drills work! Our 2410 has been good to us and we are proud to run Great Plains for both our tillage (Turbo-Chopper) and for our grain drill."

Golden, B., Utah

"The 1300 plants so effortlessly! It leaves the ground so smooth. Great price for the product!"

Justin P., Illinois

"When my neighbors ask me how I like these planters, I usually smirk and tell them the grass isn’t the only thing greener over here. I then go on to tell them how much I like them...and I apologize for sounding like a salesman. Having a decades experience with these planters, they are well-built bars with unique attributes that fit our operation great. These units don’t skip a beat — very versatile just like the Air-Pro meter. Very satisfied!"

Frans, P., Canada

"We are very happy with both of our seeders!"

Aaron G., Wisconsin

"This is our 1006NT drill, used on our small family dairy farm. I recently took on a new responsibility of planting our cover crops. This year, we planted oats, rye, and field radishes after harvesting corn silage. The convenience of setting planting rates and planting depth made it very comfortable for my first planting experience. The reliability of the drill allowed me to focus on planting and not worry about breakdowns. Overall, the 1006NT has been a very valuable upgrade on the family farm."

Cole P., North Central Colorado

"We are a land management company serving Northern Colorado. Over the last few years, we have gotten into the seeding and reclamation industry to include pasture seeding and renovations, primary seeding on commercial landscaping jobs, roadside seeding, and erosion control. We started out with a Land Pride all-purpose seeder and had success with that, so this fall we purchased a new 3P606NT and couldn't be happier. It is very well constructed with thick steel and gussets to strengthen the parts.

Sheldon F., Florida

"We got a new Turbo-Max® back in 2016. It is a great tool to have. Works perfect for working in cover crops!"

Nicholas B., New Brunswick, Canada

"We have had this drill for a few years now and have been very impressed with its performance for establishing forage stands in no-till and conventional ground. It has been very low maintenance and is heavily-built. In this photo, I am establishing a forage variety trial for a local soil and crop improvement association."

Trent H., Southern Minnesota

"Just bought my drill at an auction. We just got 8 inches of snow, but we can't wait to use it."

Noah M., Pennsylvania

"Really impressed with my 1006NT. It is easy to use and mechanically simple."

Steve V., Southern Colorado

"Finally found a unit that fractures the hardpan. Traditional V rippers are a thing of the past."

Phillip B., Northwestern Mississippi

"I have been around 6 Great Plains Twin-Row Planters and I have never had a complaint about any of them. All have been awesome to operate." 

Keith W., Indiana

"We have been using our Great Plains Turbo-Max® for almost 5 years now. It is one of the best implements on the farm. It sizes residue perfectly and also prepares one of the best seedbeds for no-till corn."

Chase S., Illinois

"We love our Great Plains Disc-O-Vator® 8552. The front disc gang does a great job of cutting through tall weeds or standing corn stalks. It does a great job of not ridging. The rear harrow leaves a level seedbed that is perfect for planting. We have also owned a Turbo-Till 2200 for over 10 years now. The Turbo-Till works great on corn stalks in the fall or in the spring just before planting. We also use the Turbo-Till on our strip mine ground where conventional tillage cannot be used. On the strip mine ground, it does a great job of incorporating residue without kicking up rocks.

Andy A., Colorado

"We currently own 4 Great Plains drills – 3 grass drills and 1 grain drill. All are excellent drills!"

Matthew S., Missouri

"Bought Turbo-Max® in Fall 2017. Sizes corn residue very well and pins the residue to the soil's surface. Looking forward to using it as a one trip finishing tool this spring!"

Brian N., Texas

"I love my Great Plains No-Till Drill. It gets the job done under any pasture condition from plowed to thick grass. This drill is built tough and user-friendly."

Rick C., Southern Idaho

"This drill is awesome. We switched from the Dickey John system and installed the IntelliAG system."

Hubert K., Alabama

"I haven't used it yet, but I am excited to use it. If it operates as good as it looks, should be a great fit for our operation."