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Sun, 24/02/2013


Great Plains is adding three new style rollers to the range of consolidation products it offers, initially behind its mounted Simba X-Press and TL cultivators.

The company is introducing the rollers behind its DTX models, and is developing versions for use with the trailed versions of these models.

The new rollers mean the company now offers a complete range of consolidation and seed-bed finishing tools, while also reducing the weight and price of the machines. It expects these benefits to further increase demand for its products across its global markets.

The heaviest of the new rollers is the Maxlift, which features toothed rings that provide an effective pressing and consolidation action. At 140kgs/m, it fits below the existing DD550 (175kg/m).

Inside the pressing ring itself is a significant surface area on which loose soil will be picked up and carried, so the roller moves loose soil as it works and helps level the field.

In terms of weight, the Heavy Duty (HD) roller comes next, this being a fully welded steel roller that provides effective consolidation in tough conditions and on soils with high clay content. It weighs 130kgs/metre excluding scrapers.

The lightest of the new elements – 90kgs/m excluding scrapers - is the V-roller. This features a V-shaped pressing ring to consolidate lighter land. In moist soils the V itself fills with soil, so that it presents a flat face to the soil and its consolidation properties are increased.

“These new rollers will help Great Plains’ Simba models to meet the needs of farmers working on a huge range of soils and using many different styles of cultivation”, says Simon Revell, Exports Director.

“Our ethos of providing effective consolidation behind all machines remains paramount, but is not always so important in all the markets we are now serving as it has been in our more established markets.

“They will reduce the weight and price of our models, enabling them to be moved and used behind smaller tractors, and also making them very price competitive – an important aspect in some markets.

“From a technical point of view, our European distributors expect them to open up fresh markets, because we now offer the degree of consolidation farmers require, as well as enhancing the cultivation effect and soil structure, as well as protecting the soil surface”.

Among the markets where the company expects them to be welcomed is France, where Territory Manager Pierre-Arnaud Noiret predicts great interest:

“In field trials the new rollers have shown their ability to leave a levelled but not firmly consolidated finish to the seed-bed, which is what many French farmers are looking for.

“The DD and DD Lite rollers remain very popular options in those areas of France with stronger and heavier soils, but are over aggressive on many of our lighter soil types, which is where we believe these new rollers will prove popular”.

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