SIMA Press Pack (ENG): X-Press

Sun, 24/02/2013


Great Plains’ Simba X-Press cultivator is already firmly established as a popular one-pass cultivator across a range of European markets, including France.

The range includes models ranging from 2.5m to 10m working width, and combine cultivating discs with a DD rear roller, so virtually any size of arable farm can use it to perform fast, one-pass shallow cultivations up to 100mm deep followed by effective consolidation.

The X-Press is fitted with 500mm discs mounted at 125mm spacings to perform a thorough seedbed cultivation and trash/cover crop incorporation at working speeds of around 12kph.

It is unique among such cultivators in that is features a disc angling system which enables users to manage the type of cultivation performed, says Simon Revell, Great Plains’ Exports Director:

“Discs can be angled at anything from 0 - 25 degrees, so users can perform different styles of cultivation, according to different soil types/conditions, trash levels, cropping systems and seasons.

“When set at their narrowest angle the discs perform an excellent trash/cover crop chopping action, while at their widest working angle the machine does a superb trash incorporation job.

“This is followed up by highly effective consolidation from the DD roller, which leaves the surface ridged and weather-proof, and ready for drilling with no further preparation”.

A trailing kit is available to convert the 4m mounted model into a trailed machine, which enables this machine to work behind 100hp - 130hp tractors.

For farmers who want to sow oilseed rape off the cultivator, the X-Press can be supplied with a factory-fitted seeding system.

Great Plains is conducting a series of trials across Europe – including sites in France – into this technique, which is already well established in some markets, but which the company believes could be suited to many more marketplaces.


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