SIMA Press Pack (ENG): DTX

Sun, 24/02/2013


Great Plains is offering the option of auto-reset protection of the deep working legs on its Simba DTX one pass cultivator, a move that also creates the opportunity for users to fit the company’s LD (low surface disturbance) legs on the machine.

The company is also offering a trailing kit for the machine, which will transform it from a mounted to a trailed machine and enable it to be towed behind tractors of 180hp + for the DTX 300, and 220hp + for the DTX350.

The auto-reset system trips the legs clear of the ground when they meet large stones or similar buried obstructions, and automatically re-sets them to the desired working depth, thus minimising disruption to quality of work:

“The system we are offering on the DTX is very similar to the well-proven one fitted to both the FlatLiner and SLD ranges”, says Simon Revell, Great Plains’ Export Director:

“It has proved to be highly effective, both in preventing damage to the deep-working elements of the machine and returning then to the desired working depth, and will be available on both the original DTX300 machine and the DTX350.

“An additional advantage of this move is that the DTX can now be fitted with our LD (low surface disturbance) legs as well as the standard ProLift

“Many customers use a seeder mounted on their DTX to establish oilseeds, so being able to fit the machine with a deep-working leg that is specifically designed to create an ideal environment for that specific crop is a valuable advantage”.

The DTX’s legs work to 350mm - 400mm deep and complete a thorough re-structuring operation, running ahead of two rows of 500mm cultivating discs set at a net spacing of 125mm. Their working angles can be adjusted by +/- 13 degrees, according to soil type, conditions and trash levels.

Behind the disc, the seedbed is consolidated by either a DD600 or DDLite600 rear roller, with an Aqueel 2 being available as an option.

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