SIMA Press Pack (ENG): SLD

Sun, 24/02/2013


Great Plains is extending its Simba SLD range with two new models – at 3.0m and 3.5m widths. These models mean that a huge number of smaller and medium scale arable farms can use the machine, which was previously available in 4.2m, 4.6m 5.4m and 6.0m widths.

The new models are both rigid machines, and both feature five ProLift deeper working legs, those on the 3.0m model being set at 560mm spacings, while those on the 3.5m model being set at 660mm spacings.

The SLD has quickly established itself as a highly effective combination cultivator - with its deeper working legs effectively restructuring the sub-soil, helping restore drainage and encourage healthy, deep rooting – while its discs leave a well-cultivated seedbed that is efficiently consolidated by the rear DD roller.

The machines are fitted with 600mm diameter discs set at 250mm spacings (with a net spacing of 125mm between the two gangs).

“Users confirm that this disc size and spacing ensures high disc rotation speeds, which helps the machine leave a fine finish in one pass, that is often able to be drilled with no further preparatory passes”, says Ben Covell, Simba Great Plains’ Product Development Manager.

“They also appreciate the flexibility the machine offers regarding the deeper working operation. The ProLift legs can be set to work at anything between 150mm and 300mm depth and can be fitted with a range of different wings, according to the soil type, conditions and trash levels”.

Like the larger models in the range, the new models are fitted with hydraulic brakes as standard, with an air brake system being available as an option. All models feature a full European-standard road lighting kit. Other options include a factory-fitted oilseed rape sowing kit; a Cat 4 shackle (in lieu of Cat 3) and a rear drawbar with four hydraulic pipes.

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