Great Plains tillage, seeding and nutrient placement solutions on show at Agritechnica

Tue, 07/11/2017

Great Plains will be exhibiting a number of examples from their extensive range of vertical tillage, drilling, planting and nutrient placement products at this year’s Agritechnica. The manufacturer’s line-up includes the following machines:-

SpartanII 1007 No-Till Air Drill
The latest addition to the 3-meter transport line of SpartanII Air Drills, is the SpartanII 1007. This new 10-meter model is added to 6, 8, 9 and 12 meter working widths, all of which offer significant new developments and improvements over previous models.

NTA-3510 No-Till Air Drill
The 10.6 meter NTA-3510 drill on display brings together the drill implement and the ADC2350 dual-bin cart in an integrated design. The implement is semi-mounted to the cart, allowing the implement to raise and lower independently across undulations in the field. A hydraulic weight transfer system further enhances flexibility and ensures equal weight distribution to all rows.

3P1006NT Compact No-Till Drill
The 3-meter 3P1006NT is a 2-point mounted drill designed for no-till systems and for seeding into cover crop and working in heavy residue. It features lift-assist wheels for safe operation and transport and utilizes Great Plains’ 06 Series Openers for seed placement. Coulters, pre-loaded to 204kg, ensure effective penetration. Available with a range of seed and fertilizer box options.

YP-825A Yield-Pro® Planter
Part of the extensive Yield-Pro family of planters, the 8-row YP-825A is designed around Great Plains’ Air-Pro metering system for outstanding seed placement accuracy. Utilizing the firm’s 25 Series Row Unit, the YP-825A can be configured with either standard single rows or Great Plains’ Twin-Row design on 70, 76, 91, 97 or 102cm spacing.

SS0300 Sub-Soiler
This in-line Great Plains Sub-Soiler is a vertical tillage tool that can be used in conventional, reduced tillage or no-till farming systems. The Sub-Soiler fractures the compaction layers over the full working width through lifting and resetting of the entire profile. Available with auto-reset or rigid shank mounts.

Used primarily as a seedbed preparation tool ahead of planting or drilling, the Turbo-Max is a trailed tillage unit essentially comprising two gangs of 51cm coulter blades featuring a patented hydraulically adjustable gang angle system. Working widths on narrow transport models range from 3 to 8 meters.

The exclusive concave turbo-wave blades of this aggressive primary tillage tool works at a depth of 10-13cm and leaves fields smooth and uniform enabling a single-pass implement to finish the field ahead of the drill or planter. This hybrid vertical tillage machine also includes heavy-duty toggle-trip shanks working 20-30cm deep to reset the soil profile.

NP2540LL Nutri-Pro® Fertilizer Applicator
Part of Great Plains Nutri-Pro range of fertilizer applicators, the 12-meter wide NP2540LL ensures precise application of liquid fertilizer while tilling and cleaning a wide strip that creates a warm, clean, vertically tilled seedbed ahead of the planter. The product is available semi-mounted with lift-assist wheels. Hydraulic weight transfer to the wings is standard and helps Nutri-Pro follow the most challenging terrain. A movable hitch and adjustable rear casters allow easy conversion of the machine for side-dress applications.

Also on display on the Great Plains stand is the RC5615GP Rotary Cutter. Built by the company’s Land Pride division, the smooth top design of this cutter allows easy dispersal of debris and moisture while the smooth base reduces the chance of dry caking material getting lodged in tight corners. Independent spring-cushioned wheel arms cushion travel through rough terrain and center skid shoes allow the cutter to 'glide' over bumps and undulations, protecting the turf as well as cutter components. The pre-cut chamber allows material to spring back up before being cut, giving a clean, precise finish.

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