Salina, Kansas-based Great Plains International is one of five divisions of Great Plains Mfg., Inc. Global sales of products from Great Plains Agricultural division and the Land Pride ground maintenance division are handled through Great Plains International. Since our first drill was sold overseas in 1982, Great Plains International has grown to have company offices in the United States, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and England as well as active distributors in over 30 countries. Our broad and innovative product line includes customized products that combine the best practices from around the world.

Our tillage equipment is designed to eliminate ruts in various field conditions!

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What Customers Are Saying About Our Products

From Eric D., Southern New Jersey:

"We are a sibling trio of 7th generation farmers in Southern NJ. My brother Matthew, sister Melissa and myself have picked up the reigns where Grandpop left off, and together we operate our 500 acre family farm. A lot has changed on our farm over the last 125 years, especially the equipment. Our grandfather Joe told us many stories of days gone by with horse drawn corn cultivators and two-cylinder John Deere tractors. I will recollect to my son the days of the moldboard plow and cut harrow.